Wylie Preparatory Academy is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations may be tax deductible.

Wylie Preparatory Academy relies on the generous, tax-deductible gifts of those who share our vision. Your generous gifts ensure that we can continue developing Christian character through excellence in education.

The basic needs of our school are covered by our tuition dollars. However, there is always a gap between the needs of the school and our tuition funds. To cover this gap, Wylie Prep has different opportunities to give throughout the year. There are several ways to contribute to the needs of our school.

The monies collected help fund the needs of the school outside the regular operating budget. Donations have supplied new school equipment, additional staffing and other needs as our school grows.

Donate online at the link below or send a check to Wylie Preparatory Academy at PO box 2273, Wylie, TX 75098.

Ally's Legacy

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Other Ways to Support Wylie Prep

There are many ways to support Wylie Preparatory Academy.

First, we ask that you pray for our school staff, teachers, students, volunteers, and board members.

Additionally, the following opportunities are ways that you can fiscally support our efforts:

Community Programs

ALBERTSONS: A percentage of your purchase at Albertsons will be sent to the school. Obtain a key card from Heather Revels, This key card has our school name and identification number. At checkout have the cashier scan your card. For reference, Wylie Prep’s ID# for the community partners program is: 49000900838

KROGER: Link your loyalty card at Kroger donates a percentage of your purchases back to schools in the area. When you link your card you’ll be able to choose the school that your purchasing dollars benefit.

AMAZON SMILE: Go to and connect your sign in with the non-profit of your choice. Wylie Prep can be found under ‘WPA Ministries’. Your account will then be connected. When you shop start at and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to our school.

MIGHTYNEST: MightyNest donates 15% of your purchase back to the school! That’s way more than any other retailer offers! Simply go to to register with our school. Then start shopping! MightyNest is an online retailer offering the best selection of healthy, safe and non-toxic products for your family and home.

BOXTOPS: Clipping Box tops is an easy way for you to help support your school. Clip the box top label off of participating products and bring it to the office! It’s as easy as that. The school earns $0.10 per boxtop! Our goal is $1000 in boxtops this year.

TYSON PROJECT A+: This is another easy opportunity to support our school with products you may buy already. Simply look for the Project A+ labels on participating Tyson products. Clip the labels and bring them to me in the office. Tyson requires a minimum of 100 labels before they can be submitted so bring in as many as you can into the front office!

COKE REWARDS: Register at 2) Clip rewards codes from product boxes and save bottle lids with codes inside. 3) Click on “Enter Multiple Codes”. 4) After entering your codes, your points total will be updated. 5) Hover over “Schools” and select “Donate to a School” from the drop-down list. 6) Choose to donate to Wylie Prep! Starting this year Wylie Prep can redeem these codes for cash!

INK CARTRIDGES: After you use up your ink cartridges at home please consider dropping them off at the school. We have discovered a program that will pay us for recycling used cartridges all the way up to a few dollars a piece, depending on the brand.

ELECTRONICS: If you have old phones, computers, tablets, etc Wylie Prep can redeem those items for cash through a program that works specifically with schools and non-profits. Please consider donating your unwanted electronics to our school!

Donations can be made online via Paypal or by sending a check to Wylie Preparatory Academy at PO box 2273, Wylie, TX 75098. All donations are tax-deductible.