Ten Blessings of the Game of Football

  1. Football challenges you to develop a positive approach even to the most negative situations. Anyone can be complain and be negative in a difficult situation; it takes a champion to face it and find ways to remain positive and hopeful. The one who can look at a difficult challenge and still say something positive about it, has true strength.
  2. Football tests your ability to accept and receive correction in obedience to a superior. We all have flaws, things to learn, weaknesses, but these should not be a cause for shame. They are an opportunity for improvement—if we listen to and obey the counsel of those who want to help us. We listen, obey, and then in humility, put a plan in place to turn our weaknesses into strengths.
  3. Football forces you to face your fears. This takes courage, faith and toughness. Everybody gets scared, we can’t help that. But never be afraid. Football forces you to face what you fear and conquer it again and again, until there is no fear but confidence.
  4. Football is a barometer of our pride or our humility. Bragging, showboating, calling attention to yourself is pride and it is divisive. It is the illusion that says you are better than your teammates when the truth is, no one is anything without the rest of the team. We see lots of “winners” today, but few champions, that is, winners who both win and lose with great humility, honor and character.
  5. Football perfects our ability to endure suffering and pain. You get hurt, but you still play if you can. You play through pain. You play a long time in pain sometimes. Can you accept suffering for the team’s sake? Self-sacrifice is one of the greatest virtues, but it takes someone who can withstand pain and suffering to be self-sacrificing. This virtue you will need for the rest of your life.
  6. Football gives you the opportunity to bring honor and respect to yourself, your family, your school, and to the Lord. Your character, general behavior, and performance in contests is a reflection of you, your parents and your school. The way you act, everywhere, honors or dishonors them. What you say or do on and off the field, how well or poorly you play…reflects all those who have mentored you…or not.
  7. Football reveals the kind of person you really, really are. Crisis always reveals character. In a struggle masks come off, and our true nature is seen. For most of us, that nature is not pretty. Football will reveal quickly that we are sometimes uncooperative, lazy, undisciplined, weak, whiney, or proud, and that is a good thing when we see it. We need to see clearly that sin nature so we can deal with it and overcome it.
  8. Football is a great way to have fun! A great runner once said, “When I run, I feel His pleasure.” God made some of us athletic. He loves to see us use our gifts for others in fair play and fun. If football were not fun, you would not play. In spite of the hard work, enjoy every moment. It is okay to love what you are doing, to love a challenge, to have fun doing what you love best.
  9. Football teaches you how to be a team, a family. You have to get along and cooperate. You have to help others do their jobs and you have to do your jobs together. Thinking like a team takes practice to do well. Being a family is the same thing. We must work together to get things done. Learning to cooperate with others, even those with whom we disagree, is also a life-long skill that you will definitely use again.